Health and Safety

Safety at American River College is everybody's business.

Students, staff, and faculty are partners with the college in creating an atmosphere that is safe and encourages learning.

Crime happens because there is a criminal to commit the crime, a victim who can be victimized by the criminal, and the location or opportunity for a crime to occur. You can reduce the likelihood of being the victim of criminal activity if you take away the opportunity for the criminal to make you their victim. Students, staff, and visitors need to take shared responsibility for the safety of themselves and their property. Everyone should also do their best to help others with this responsibility.

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WEAVE Confidential Advocate

The WEAVE confidential advocate is available for students and employees who have experienced any form of sexual harassment or violence and...

Security cameras against a blue sky

Clery Report

Per the Jeanne Clery Act, Los Rios' annual Clery Report includes information about our safety and security policies along with crime...

ARC Beaver Food Pantry image with grocery sack

Beaver Food Pantry

The Beaver Food Pantry is a pop-up pantry that distributes fresh produce and bread. This service is open to all ARC students, faculty, and...

Los Rios Alert

The LRCCD emergency mass notification system.

 The Los Rios ALERT -- can send simultaneous messages to the campus community by text messaging/SMS, email, telephone, or cell phone. The system can be used to notify employees and students if there are urgent situations or important communications.

Reporting emergencies - Los Rios Police Communications Center

The Communication Center is composed of P.O.S.T.

Certified full-time and part-time dispatchers. Students, staff, and guests are encouraged to immediately and accurately report all crimes, emergencies, suspicious activity and any other public safety related incidents to the Los Rios Police Communications Center at (916) 558-2221 OR they may dial 2221 from a campus phone. The Communications Center is staffed with trained dispatchers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may also dial for community-based emergency assistance from a standard on-campus phone by dialing 9-911. 

When calling (916) 558-2221, if you have an emergency, press zero immediately. If you press zero, your call will be immediately routed to the LRPCC and a dispatcher will assist you.


There are "blue light" emergency telephones.

Located throughout the campuses that ring directly into the Los Rios Police Communications Center. These autodialing phones may be used to summon police, fire, or medical assistance. See the campus map for specific locations.

What is considered an emergency?

  • Medical need
  • Fire
  • Crime in progress
  • Traffic accident
  • Disruptive person/group

Why would I need an officer dispatched to my location if it is not an emergency?

  • To take a police report for a crime that has already occurred
  • To request a safety escort
  • To request jump start or unlock service

Silent Witness Program

Students and staff can anonymously report a crime.

By dialing (916) 558-2221. The dispatcher may ask your information. This is where you would choose to not identify yourself.

Lost and Found

Each campus police office is responsible for all items found.

When items on campus are found and brought to the campus police office, the item is recorded and a registration number is attached then every effort is made to get it back to the right owner. If a student or staff member loses an item and reports it with the campus police department, the lost item information is documented in the event it is found and brought to the campus police office.

Operation ID

The LRPD participates in a FREE property registration

For students and staff, Operation ID. Register your valuable property (bicycles, laptops, etc.) in case your property is ever lost or stolen. Engravers are available to engrave your state driver's license or identification card number onto your property. The Police Department is open during normal business hours for property registration at all main campuses (registration can also be scheduled at the outreach centers upon request). Please call (916) 558-2221 for more information.

Bicycle safety and theft prevention tips

Always lock your bicycle to a fixed metal rack.

In a designated bicycle parking area. A metal U-type lock is recommended. Take with you any parts that are quick-release and cannot be secured. It is recommended that you not park a high-dollar bicycle on campus.

Shuttle service

A free shuttle service is provided for ARC students and staff. Spring and fall hours are Monday-Thursday, 5:30-10:00 PM; the shuttle runs every 60 minutes. There is no shuttle during the summer. Look for the shuttle signs in the Stadium, G, and B parking lots. You can wait at the shuttle stops or, to request one sooner, you can call the LRPD at (916) 558-2221 or use the emergency phones located near each shuttle stop sign. The shuttle can take you anywhere on campus.

Vehicle Jump Starts and Safety Escorts

The campus offers vehicle jump start services as well as safety escorts. Safety escorts are provided in the evenings wherein our Community Service Officers work both on foot and in carts to provide safety escorts across the campus. This service is accessible by dialing (916) 558-2221.