Work Experience & Internship Program

The Work Experience and Internship Program is an experiential academic program which allows students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to a work environment while earning college credit. Participation in this program provides an excellent opportunity to apply what you are learning in the classroom to actual on-the-job experiences. Additionally, you will have the chance to develop new or expanded workforce skills, whether you are interning with an employer, entering the workforce for the first time, or working at your current job. Your learning experience in this program will be guided by a set of Specific Learning Objectives developed cooperatively by you, your employer/supervisor, and your instructor. It is important that these objectives be new and expanded skills, and that they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Based (SMART) and will assist you with your career growth.

You will find your participation in Cooperative Work Experience Education to be a rewarding and a very advantageous way of learning. It is an experience that will ensure immediate application of classroom principles to your job or internship.

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"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." ~ Aristotle

There are several pieces to the Career Exploration process

Knowing Self

  • Self Assessments and Your Career Planning, - Career self assessments are the first step to the career planning process.  Through self assessments, you will gather information about yourself that will aid you in making an informed career decision.
  • The California Career Cafe,  There are a variety of activities & videos to give you career information including career assessments to identify your unique strengths, talents and styles.
  • Human Metrics, - Take the free Jung Typology Test Jung Career Indicator to identify your personality preferences. Knowing your personality preferences can help you identify your strengths. A list of careers is generated according to your personality type.
  • MBTI/Strong Career Assessments, LINCS - The Los Rios Internships & Career Services (LINCS) system has the availability of taking the MBTI & Strong assessments in a convenient online format and the results remain in your LINCS profile.
  • Keirsey Temperament Sorter, - The Keirsey Temperament Sorter®-II (KTS®-II) is a 70 question personality instrument that helps individuals discover their personality type.
  • YouTern, - The Savvy Intern prepares young adults for the world of work and advocates for quality mentor based internships.

Research Environments

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, - This website provides an Occupational Outlook Handbook where you can search specific career information, labor market trends, and sources of additional information. Information on the following topics is provided for each occupation: training and advancement, earnings, expected job prospects and working conditions
  • O*NET, - Occupational information database which includes information on skills, abilities, knowledge, work activities, and interests associated with occupations. Search for occupations by keywords, or skills used.
  • Glassdoor, - Glassdoor offers an inside look at jobs, salaries and company reviews
  • Eureka Online, - Eureka Online offers information on school listings, career information, assessments and much more. Call the ARC Career Center for the Site ID Code to get free access to Eureka Online. Main line: (916) 484-8492.
  • CareerOne Stop, - CareerOne Stop is a U.S. Department of Labor sponsored website that offers career resources and workforce information to help job seekers and students. This website provides additional web resources to related occupations.
  • Doing What MATTERS TM for Jobs and the Economy, - Doing What MATTERS TM for jobs and the economy is a four-pronged framework to respond to the call of our nation, state, and regions to close the skills gap. The four prongs are:
      • Give Priority for jobs and the economy
      • Make Room for jobs and the economy
      • Promote Student Success
      • Innovate for jobs and the economy


  • Los Rios Internship and Career Services (LINCS), LINCS - This is the Los Rios District online job/internship posting system where employers in the greater Sacramento area post their job or internship opportunities.
  • The Work Experience & Internship Program, - Get 1-4 units of college credit while working in an internship related to your academic or career goals. 
  •, - This is a national internship search engine.


  • VolunteerMatch, - VolunteerMatch is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping everyone find a great place to volunteer. The organization offers a variety of volunteer opportunities.

Decision Making

  • So what do you want to do with your life?  Roadtrip Nation has a simple yet innovative way to help you make that decision.  Watch the videos and define your own road in life.  Listen to yourself.  What are you passionate about?
  • Taking assessments is only the first step in learning about yourself. A career counselor can help you identify your interests and strengths or interpret the results of career assessments. Meet with Janice Klar, Career Counselor, to have an in-depth interpretation of your assessments. 

Job Search

  • Resume Development ARC Resume Samples - The main ARC Career Center webpage provides booklets that can assist you in developing a resume. Other resources available include Interview Success and Professional Dress at Work Booklets. These booklets are available to assist students in the job search process.
  • Indeed, - is a search engine for jobs, allowing job seekers to find jobs posted on thousands of company career sites and job boards.
  • Technical Jobs, - Looking for a job in the technology or engineering field? is designed for those seeking careers in these fields.
  • Non-Profit Jobs, - Opportunity Knocks focuses exclusively on nonprofit careers. This online job site offers many opportunities with nonprofit agencies.
  • NACE Salary Calculator Center, Salary Calculator- Since 1956, the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) has been a leading resource for employment information.
  • Salary, - offers salary information by region and occupation.
  • California Jobs, This is a search engine for California jobs.
  • The Salary Surfer, -  The Salary Surfer uses the aggregated earnings of graduates from a five year period to provide an estimate on the potential wages to be earned two years and five years after receiving a certificate or degree in certain disciplines. This tool also provides information on which colleges offer programs in those specific disciplines. The Salary Surfer does not contain information about wages earned by community college students who transfer to a four-year institution.

Goal Setting

  • Are you feeling confused? Wondering how to get started on the path to your chosen career or how to know exactly what major program to pursue? A career counselor can help you solidify your goals and assist you in taking the steps to meet those goals. Make an appointment with ARC’s Career Counselor, Janice Klar. She can help you with the goal setting process and assist you in creating obtainable goals that meet both your expectations and what to expect from a job or career. 

Work Experience and Internship Program

program is here to assist you to help ensure successful completion of your educational and career goals. For Information.

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