Beacon Program

The Beacon program provides academic assistance via regularly scheduled, out-of-class, peer-facilitated group study sessions.  Beacon tutors are key people in the program; ARC faculty recruit the tutors. The tutors have demonstrated competence in the course(s) they tutor and are trained to facilitate learning.  
The Beacon sessions are comprised of students of varying academic abilities.  Beacon is not viewed as remedial.  Students who attend Beacon sessions discover appropriate application of learning strategies, like note taking, graphic organization, questioning techniques, vocabulary acquisition, problem solving and test preparation among others.  
In order to maintain a pleasant learning environment inside the LRC, please refrain from talking on cell phones.  Please note: only ennrolled students may use the facility  and services. 

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Become a Beacon Tutor

Why become a Beacon Tutor?

Share your knowledge with other students and help them get better grades.
Learn the subject better.
Develop greater self-confidence and learn how to lead a group.
Add work experience to your resume.
Make new friends.

Are tutors paid? - How many hours do tutors work?

Yes! Tutors are Student Help employees and are paid minimum wage. 

It depends on the course unit and term length.  The majority of the groups will meet 2-3 hours per week outside of class.  

What are the requirements?

Approval from an ARC professor to become his/her Beacon Tutor
Enrolled in LRC 310: Introduction to Group Tutoring (1-unit, first 5-week hybrid course)
Enrolled in a minimum of six units at ARC
Maintain a minimum overall 3.0 GPA

Interested? are the next steps

  1. After you speak with your instructor to be the Beacon Tutor, enroll in LRC 310.
  2. Note: Tutors conduct sessions while concurrently enrolled in LRC 310 their first semester.
  3. Complete employment paperwork; hiring packets available at the Beacon front desk.
  4. Attend the mandatory orientation (first day of class).

Beacon Tutor Resources

Cancellation Form

Your name:

Your email:

Course you are tutoring:

Instructor's name:

Date/Time for your session cancellation:

Room Number:

Please Select the Reason:
Out sick Test Day No student's to attend Other appointment
Temporary move to: Date/Time

Other - State reason

Special Session Form

Your name:

Your email:

Course you are tutoring:

Instructor's name:

Date/Time for your one time session:

Original Room Number:

Please Select the Reason:
Makeup Test Day
Other - State reason

Beacon Room Request - Summer

Student ID Number

Your name: First Last

Your email:

Number of units for this course:

Course you are tutoring:

Full Semester:
1st 8 weeks:   2nd 8 weeks:
1st 5 weeks:   2nd 5 weeks:   3rd 5 weeks:  


Instructor's name:

Day(s)/Time for your session (group A):

Estimate number of students(group A):


If you are tutoring more than one group, use the boxes below:

Day(s)/Time for your session (group B):

Estimate number of students(group B):

Day(s)/Time for your session (group C):

Estimate number of students(group C):


Timesheet Due Dates

Timesheet Due Dates (Summer 2019)
The worksheet must be submitted with your green student help timesheet on or before the due date(s) listed. Also, any outstanding attendance sheets should be attached. If no timesheet is submitted by the tutor, staff will process the timesheet based on attendance sheets on file.
Pay Period Due Worksheet
June 10-24 Monday, June 17 by 4pm Worksheet 1
June 25-30 Monday, June 17 by 4pm Worksheet 2
July 1-24 Monday, July 22 by 4pm Worksheet 3
July 25 - August 1 Monday, July 22 by 4pm Worksheet 4

Beacon Program Office

Dean: Nancy Reitz
Coordinator: Ryana Fisher (Summer Coordinator)

Phone: (916) 484-8918


Mon-Thur 8:00am to 7:00pm
Closed Fridays and weekends

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Office Location: Office Location: Learning Resource Center 116 (LRC)

Register Here

Please complete the online form prior to receiving services.

 Registration - Referral

Students who participate in a Beacon study group...

get better grades
understand the subject better
make new friends
pay nothing--it's free!
Earn extra credit (not offered in all Beacon courses-ask your instructor).
Ask your instructor if he or she has a Beacon study group for your class. Many instructors also offer incentives, often in the form of extra credit points, for those in a Beacon study group.