Each semester, students are given an enrollment appointment date and time. This appointment time is the earliest time you can enroll in classes. Your individual enrollment appointment is based on a number of things, including your class level and how many units you’ve completed.

Enrollment Dates for Fall 2019

All holds on your eServices account must be cleared before you can enroll in classes.

Enrollment appointment period Priority level
April 2019 Priority 0
April 2019 Priority .5
April 2019 Priority .75
April to May 2019 Priority 1
May 2019 Priority 2
May 2019 Priority 3
May 2019 Open enrollment by appointment
May 2019 Open enrollment
August to September 2019 Open late enrollment

Priority Types

Students with Priority 0 enrollment get to enroll in classes first. Learn more about each priority type below.

Priority 0

Priority 0 is reserved for students who are:

  • Foster youth or former foster youth
  • Homeless youth (per Assembly Bill 801: Homeless Youth Success in Higher Education Act)
  • CalWORKs, DSPS, and EOPS students
  • Current or former members of the Armed Forces or Military Reserves

Priority .5

Priority .5 enrollment is reserved for students who are graduating and/or transferring at the end of the upcoming semester. Students must meet with a counselor to get certified for Priority .5.

Priority .75

Priority .75 enrollment is reserved for student athletes.

Priority 1

Priority 1 enrollment is reserved for:

  • Continuing students (students who were taking classes during the prior semester)
  • First-time new students (students who have just graduated high school and have completed the steps to success)

Priority 1 enrollment is broken up into 4 sections, each based on the number of units a student has completed:

  1. Priority 1.1 is for continuing students who have completed 50-89 units.
  2. Priority 1.2 is for continuing students who have completed 30-49 units.
  3. Priority 1.3 is for continuing students who have completed 12-29 units.
  4. Priority 1.4 is for continuing students and new students who have completed less than 12 units.

Students who have completed 90 or more units can only register for classes during open enrollment.

Priority 2

Priority 2 enrollment is reserved for:

  • New-to-college students (who have never attended college before, even though they may have taken college classes while in high school)
  • New transfer students (who have never attended a Los Rios college)
  • Returning students (who attended a Los Rios College before and are returning after an absence)
  • Returning transfer students (who attended both a Los Rios College and another college or university before and are returning after an absence)

Priority 3

Priority 3 enrollment is reserved for advanced education students. Advanced education students are those who are still in high school and are taking college classes.

Open Enrollment

Open enrollment follows the last priority enrollment period. All eligible students may enroll in classes during open enrollment.

Enrollment Tip

Did you know...

You can put your desired courses in your enrollment shopping cart in eServices before your actual enrollment appointment.

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