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What is Geology?

Geology is the study of Earth, the processes that operate at or beneath its surface, and its origin and change through time. Major topics of geology include mineral and rock formation, earthquakes and plate tectonics, Earth's interior layers, fossil life, ancient climates, and surface processes including rivers, glaciers, wind, waves, and landslides. Geology, as one field in the Geosciences, is closely linked to processes covered in oceanography and in our solar system.

Why Geology at American River College?

The American River College geology faculty offer basic courses in physical and historical geology and Earth science which are transferable to most area 4-year universities. Among other subdisciplines of the Geosciences, we offer Weather and Climate, Global Climate Change, and Oceanography courses. A common philosophy to the geology faculty is the importance of field geology. Each semester you will find geology/geography field courses to sites such as Yosemite, Mt. Lassen, and Lava Beds.

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