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Waitlist Information & Tips

What is the waitlist?
When a class becomes full, students may choose to be placed on the waitlist. Most waitlists hold a maximum of 20 students.

There are limits on the number of units that can be waitlisted district-wide. The maximum number for Fall and Spring semesters is 12 units and 5 units for Summer session.

If you are on the waitlist for a class, you cannot enroll or waitlist in another section of the same class.

Waitlists are not available after the first day instruction begins for that session.

Monitoring waitlist status

Even if you are on the waitlist, there is still an opportunity to get into the class you want. What can you do in order to increase your chances of getting into your class? Here are some helpful tips and information about waitlists:

Dropping classes
If you are enrolled automatically into a class from the waitlist and you decide to not take the class, log into your eServices account and drop the class immediately. It is the student's responsibility to drop a class prior to the drop deadlines. Students should not expect that an instructor will drop them from a class.

Paying for waitlisted classes
Students do not pay for waitlisted classes (you only pay for a class once you get enrolled in the class). If you are added to a class from the waitlist, you must pay your enrollment fees immediately or you will be dropped from the class.

Students receiving the California Promise Grant will not be auto-dropped for non-payment. It is critical for these students to monitor their class schedule and drop classes they no longer want.

After the semester/term begins
If you are still on the waitlist for a class you want when the semester begins, you must attend the first class meeting to see if the instructor will give you a permission number to add the class. Many instructors will add students based on the number of students who do not show up on the first day of class. Others may ask you to return to the next class meeting before making decisions about allowing other students to add.

Permission number
A permission number is required after the first day of instruction for the following reasons:

How to add a class when you are on the waitlist
If you are on the waitlist and you receive a permission number to add the class, you must first drop from the waitlist (delete the class from your schedule) and then re-enroll by entering the course number and then the permission number in the appropriate spaces. Permission numbers must be used within 48 hours. Pay your enrollment fees immediately.

Registration assistance
Students needing assistance with enrollment (including application and registration) are encouraged to visit the eServices Registration Lab in the Student Center.