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Legal Assisting

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ARC's Legal Assisting Program is approved by the American Bar Association.

Associate of Arts in Legal Assisting Degree

*18 units of ABA Breadth Requirements which must include one of: Courses from at least three different areas of Areas 1-5B if the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), excluding performance courses, activity courses, administration of justice courses, and the lab component of science courses.

The units applied to this requirement can also be used to meet the regular ARC General Education and Competency requirements where applicable.

*30 units of Legal Assisting courses required for major

*Students must also fulfill ARC General Education & Competency requirements

Legal Assisting Certificate

For those already in possession of an AA, AAT or higher from a regionally accredited institution

*30 units of Legal Assisting courses required for major

Video Introduction to the Program