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ARC Legal Clinic

The American River College Legal Assisting Program is proud to partner with local bar associations to host a monthly expungement workshop for individuals with records in California. 

Expungement Clinic Flyer

Download the flyer and map. 


Who can participate?

The clinic is open to ARC students, faculty, staff, and the general public.  

We will assist people only with criminal convictions obtained in California. Other states, the military, and the federal government may have similar procedures, but you must check with them to find out what is required.

Try the Public Defender's Office for the county you were convicted in, the Judge Advocate General's Office (Navy), (Army), (Air Force) for military convictions, or the Federal Defender's Office for federal convictions.

For more information visit the California Courts website

Will attorneys be present?

Yes, ARC's Legal Assisting students will be assisting clinic participants with the paperwork necessary to file a petition for dismissal. Volunteer attorneys from the Wiley Manual Bar Association, The Cruz Reynoso Bar Association, and from the greater Sacramento legal community will be present to answer questions and review applications.