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Construction Updates

Pardon our dust! To keep up with a growing campus and an ongoing improvement plan, ARC has several projects in the works to make life at ARC better in the future.

September 6 Update


Parking lot S (the parking lot just west of the parking structure) and parking lot G (the parking lot in between the police station and portable village) are now open and available for parking. As a note of caution, please know that construction activities are still taking place in the area and heavy equipment might be driving in that part of campus. Please keep your eyes open and watch for construction vehicles. Also be advised there is loose gravel on the road and the area where the storm drain was put in has not been paved yet.

We apologize for any inconvenience construction causes and appreciate your patience!

Current Projects

Football Stadium Scoreboard (September 2017)

A new Scoreboard is being erected in the Football Stadium during the month of September. This project is set for completion by mid-September. Please stay tuned for updates.

Liberal Arts Modification, Phase I - Temporary Facilities (May-December 2017)

Temporary buildings have been placed on campus in parking lot B as part of the Liberal Arts modernization project. The buildings are currently under construction and are scheduled for completion in December to begin holding class Spring of 2018. These temporary buildings are expected to remain on campus for three years as the new STEM facility is built.

Portable Village (June-August 2017)

The MMLC has been relocated from the Liberal Arts area to Portable Village 604a and 604b. 

Arcade Creek Bridge (Fall 2017-September 2018)

ARC will provide access to Arcade Creek for construction of the proposed pedestrian bridge project to be owned by Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District. The sewer line that is currently being used as a crossing path will be gated off. Some parking spaces in the stadium lot will be lost; the perimeter road and Jo Smith Nature Trail will both be inaccessible.

Athletics Asphalt Work (June-October 2017)

Over summer recess the parking lot behind Adaptive PE and in front of the new soccer stadium was re-asphalted. This project is complete for the most part and is open for use, however, you may still see minor work being carried out until project completion in mid-October.

Main Storm Drain Extension Around Soccer Stadium (June-October 2017)

A new storm drain is currently being put in to help alleviate flooding and rain water run-off. This project is running concurrently with the asphalt work and will also requires access road and parking closures; please stay tuned to updates sent through college email. Construction is set for completion in early October.

New Water Well (June-October 2017)

A new well is being installed east of the soccer field. Infrastructure is being put in place to support a camera and emergency phone at the trailhead. Once completed, the current south well will be decommissioned.

Monument Sign at NW Corner (August-October 2017)

A monument sign will replace shrubbery in the northwest corner in parking lot D. Approximately 10 parking spots will be temporarily lost during construction.

Liberal Arts Replacement Infrastructure/STEM (March 2018-Fall 2019)

Demolition of the Liberal Arts will begin in March 2018. There will also be a new hydronic line constructed simultaneously from Fine Arts to the STEM facility. There will be restricted access from the Administration Building and Raef Hall to Student Services, Library, etc. Metal plates will be strategically placed over the trench to allow convenient crossing during construction.

We apologize for the inconvenience this work may cause and thank you for your patience!