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Construction Updates

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by campus construction work and thank you for your patience. We are working hard to mitigate impacts and appreciate your understanding.

The next phase of construction on the new STEM facility is in full swing.

November 6 Update

Construction crews are doing sidewalk work near the Learning Resource Center (LRC) on the main campus. As a result of this work, a walkway will be closed for safety purposes. The graphic below shows which walkway will be impacted (click on the graphic for a downloadable PDF). In addition, walkway access near the Library and Instructional Technology Center (ITC) may occasionally be unavailable because of demolition work.

Graphic map showing campus walkways

Crews are demolishing Liberal Arts buildings in phases throughout Fall 2018. There will be noise associated with this work. In addition, trucks will be entering and leaving staff parking lot E during construction.

Fencing is in place in staff parking lot E (see the graphic below; click on the graphic for a downloadable PDF version) and around the old Liberal Arts area. As a result of the construction work, the staff parking spaces behind the Learning Resource Center (LRC) near the Boiler Room may not be available.

Satellite image of campus with parking lot informationThe student drop-off location in front of Davies Hall in Lot E is not available because of construction (see the graphic below; click on the graphic for a downloadable PDF version).Map graphic showing student drop-off locations

Another note on STEM construction: there will also be a new hydronic line constructed simultaneously from Fine Arts to the STEM facility. This work will temporarily restrict walkway access during this construction process. Metal plates will be strategically placed over the trench to allow convenient crossing during construction.

Two monument signs will be erected at the northwest corner (College Oak & Myrtle) in parking lot D and in the southwest corner (College Oak & Winding) right outside the fence to the Stadium parking. Approximately 10 parking spots will be temporarily lost during construction in parking lot D. 

Completed Projects