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Electronic Reserves and Copyright


How the Library operates in regard to e-reserves

  1. Other than materials used for a limited time* under Fair Use, only materials that are lawfully owned/licensed by the instructor or the library will be placed on e-Reserves.
  2. To comply with Fair Use, e-reserves will be limited to single articles or chapters or other small portions of a work. Entire works will not be included without prior permission of the copyright owner.
  3. Access to e-Reserves is limited to current students, faculty, and staff members.
  4. All material submitted for e-reserves must include citations.  The library will also include this notice on the opening page for students: 
    • Under certain conditions specified in the United States Copyright law (Title 17, United States Code) libraries and archives may be authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction may not be used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research.
    • One copy may be made for scholarly purposes. No further reproduction, transmission, or electronic distribution of this material is permitted unless copyright fees are paid.
  5. Students find e-reserve material by course number and instructor name, not by the document's author or title of the work. For example, using catalog keyword search, enter Math 120 Jones.

*Time period

In accordance with Fair Use, without getting permission of the copyright owner, only a limited amount of copyrighted materials can be put on e-reserves and only for a single semester. When the semester is up, the faculty member needs to ask for the author's permission to re-use the material or select other material to put on e-reserves. Permissions can be requested through the Copyright Clearance Center at Materials can be reused in e-reserves, but only one semester per year without written permission.

Items that do not require copyright permission:

Sample items demonstrating what definitely needs copyright permission:

Items that do not qualify for library e-reserves:

Note from a Librarian
Above all, don't be discouraged. Yes, there are rules, but so much does qualify legally under copyright law, particularly course materials you create and anything from the library database collection which is huge and linkable.  Questions or clarifications on copyright, ask Connie Ferrara, Ferrarc AT, 916-484-8040.

E-Reserves Form (Sample copy to email)

Email or send documents to Melissa Hynson at the ARC Library

Email to:            hynsonm AT

Subject:             Material for Library e-Reserves 


Please include the following:

Instructor's name
Campus phone and email
Course title and number
Citation including title, author, publisher, date of publication, chapter #, pages, etc.

If applicable, please state how this material complies with copyright law:

Have questions about submitting items for ARC library e-reserves? Contact Melissa Hynson by email hynsonm AT


Los Rios Libraries Policy on reserves adopted Fall 2004, ARC update Fall 2012