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Exhibits and Art Displays in the Library


1. Mission, Goals and Objectives

At American River College Library, a display or exhibit is intended to deepen the perceptions of those who see it, or connect the college community with historical or current events. Displays and art provide visual ways to recognize, entertain, and/or educate. Library faculty members, by consensus or subcommittee, select the topics, materials, and dates for displays based on input from the college community, seasonal interests and current events. Displays are changed based on need and nature of the display.

The primary goals for library displays are that they reflect positively on the college, add some aesthetic value, and focus on one or more of the following purposes:

2. Locations for Exhibits/Art Displays

3. Policies Regarding Exhibits/Art Displays

Suggestions for displays are welcome. Please contact a librarian.

Each item must be accepted by the library for display, and tagged with the owner's name and title or description of the work before placing it. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to transport all items to and from the library and to set up the display. Each exhibitor must complete the Los Rios District's "Notice of Exhibition" form. In addition to releasing the Los Rios District from all liability for the item(s) on display, the form provides an inventory of what is on exhibit in the library, the owner of the work, the start date of the exhibit and when it will be taken down. The forms will be kept by the Dean's Assistant.  The security of item(s) that are displayed in the library cannot be guaranteed. No insurance against loss, theft, or damage is carried by the district, college, library, or its personnel.


Updated 5/9/2011