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Below you will find the links to various Support & Informational groups found on American River College's Campus; links to groups on Campus geared for Student Involvement, as well as links to Various Community Organizations, and Off Campus Resources.

Please click on the link below to take you to the page you'd like to see:

Support & Information on Campus
This Link will take you to various Organizations, Groups, and Centers available On Campus to support, help, and provide information for all students. Most groups have websites and contact information for students to easily find assistance.

On Campus Involvement
This Link will take you to the various On Campus Clubs, Student Organizations, and Programs ARC has available to students. The Clubs and Programs are as diverse as the population of the Campus-and are open to new and returning students to successfully network, integrate, and build community.

Information & Resources Off Campus
This Link will take you to a variety of different Programs, Schools, and Organizations surrounding Community & Diversity that are not a part of our campus. 

ARC Community and Diversity Center Resource Guide
Resources for those who are interested in learning more about different forms of diversity, and what it means to be a culturally responsive and engaged citizen of our diverse ARC community.

Amazon Book List
As the list Author states, "All manner of people in the ARC community have been donating items to the shelves of the ARC Community and Diversity Center. This is the growing list." These are books available at the Community & Diversity Center. This Link will take you out of the ARC Website.