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ENGWR 50: Writing Skills Center

ENGWR 43 Class

ENGWR 50 is a 16-week, 3-unit lecture course for students who need to improve their basic writing skills and have been placed into the course through the assessment process. With both faculty and Writing Center staff available, this workshop setting provides ample opportunity for individual and small group instruction. 

Course Description: ENGWR 50 focuses on developmental writing skills, emphasizing the connection between writing and reading with the goal of building fluency. It includes writing in response to assigned readings as well as practicing the writing process: prewriting, thesis development and organization of ideas, drafting of essays, and revision. 


Developing Fluency in Reading, Thinking, and Writing This module emphasizes the connection between reading and writing. Students respond to assigned readings and other texts, examine a theme through multiple assignments, and practice the writing process through annotation, focused free writing, rough drafts, and final draft essays.