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Work Experience at American River College


WEXP/Internship Video Webshops


Intern Yourself into a Career 

Video Webshop: length 5:14

Did you know employers see internships as an effective way to identify and hire talent?   Learn why internships are such an important step toward achieving your career goals.  The webshop will also explain how to obtain an internship through the Work Experience & Internship Program.  Open to all majors. Don’t miss this: your future depends on it!!  (Click here for presentation transcript)


Social Media and the Job Search

Prezi Presentation Webshop

Learn how to create an online profile that will impress employers and learn which social media strategies will help you conquer your next job search. (Click here for presentation transcript)


6 Steps to Your Next Resume

Prezi Presentation Webshop

Learn how to create a professional resume in just six steps! (Click here for presentation transcript)