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Work Experience at American River College


Referral Services

American River College

The Work Experience & Internship Program offers assistance in obtaining work experience or an internship.

To be eligible for the Work Experience (WEXP) program you must:

To receive assistance in obtaining work experience or an internship:

  1. If you are eligible and ready to participate, register to view internship postings on the Los Rios Internships & Career Services - LINCS System

  2. Print out all of the LINCS postings that are of interest to you

  3. Click here to make an appointment with your campus Work Experience (WEXP) staff member to start the referral process

  4. For your appointment bring:
    copies of the printed LINCS postings,
    your resume,
    unofficial transcripts and
    proof of enrollment in a Work Experience (WEXP) class

  5. Students are pre-screened and referred to employers for interviews by Work Experience (WEXP) staff

  6. Students are responsible for keeping abreast of new internships, updating their application documents, and maintaining contact with Work Experience (WEXP) staff

Read the full information here: Internship Program