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Work Experience at American River College


Wilber Johnson

Photo of Wilber JohnsonName: Wilber Johnson (aka: Don Sainte-Johnn)
Position: Air-Personality at Clear Channel Communications Radio Station V101.1

What was your major in college? Broadcasting/Instructional Technology

Did you attend a community college? Yes. Los Angeles City College

Did you do an Internship? If so, where? Yes. ABC Television Network (I was a page).

What are your three greatest strengths? I have a strong work ethic. My ability to get along with others and I am a confident, critical thinker.

What would be your words of wisdom for students in finding their own career path?
The number one thing is find your passion. Attending college will assist you in attaining the necessary skills you need to find a job; however, it will be your passion and positive attitude that will help you keep the job. Apply for internships in your chosen field (s). It is important to believe in yourself; work hard and learn all you can with or without pay; set short-term and long-term goals (put them in writing); and establish good health habits. Finally, keep that burning desire to continuously educate yourself.

Let nothing stand in your way. Go for the advanced degree.