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Work Experience at American River College


ARC Past President David Viar

Photo of David ViarName: David Viar
Position: Past President
Organization: American River College

What was your major in college? Economics major & English minor

Did you attend a community college? No

Did you do an internship? If so, where? While in law school I served an internship as an associate probation officer with the Juvenile Court and an internship as a legal clerk for a local law firm specializing in bankruptcy law.

What are your three greatest strengths? Communication skills in writing, listening and speaking. Interpersonal relations skills and organizational and analytical skills

What would be your words of wisdom for students in finding their own career path?
If you have a strong dream of what you want to do, follow that dream with dedication and perseverance. If you do not, take advantage of the ARC Career Center and Work Experience and Internship Program to learn about your opportunities and what potential careers fit your interests and abilities. Also recognize that whether you know exactly what career you want to have or whether you are uncertain, make sure to take courses that build your skills of critical thinking, communication, interpersonal relations, organization, and other skills often referred to as the "soft skills." These skills will serve you well whatever career you choose to pursue and as you change careers over your lifetime. I did not go to college with a plan to go to law school. I did not go to law school with a plan to become a lobbyist and association director. I did not have a goal to become a college president. Developing my "soft skills," doing the best work I could do in each position I held, and staying open to new career opportunities paid off in a series of jobs and career advancements that have provided great personal satisfaction.