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Work Experience at American River College


Kendi M. Aguilar Dahlstrom

Photo of Kendi DahlstromName: Kendi M. Aguilar Dahlstrom
Position: Senior Merchant
Organization: Gap Inc.

What was your major in college? Organization Communications

Did you attend a community college? Yes. Butte College

Did you do an Internship? If so, where? Yes. While attending San Francisco State University, I interned at Graham & Associates Public Relations Firm.

What are your three greatest strengths? I am detailed oriented, I notice everything! I am outspoken and not afraid to ask for what I want. I have a strong work ethic.

What would be your words of wisdom for students in finding their own career path? Go after your career aspirations with confidence and determination. Don't be easily defeated. Exhaust your resources and options. Network, network, network! It's imperative to be educated and knowledgeable but competition for jobs is fierce so it's a big advantage to connect with industry professionals. Be candid about your career objectives and goals. Always stay true to yourself and never compromise your sense of integrity. Hard work pays off!