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Work Experience at American River College


Carol Clemens

Photo of Carol ClemensName: Carol Clemens
Position: Telecommunications Consultant & Owner
Organization: South Coast Telecom, LCC

Did you attend a community college? I did not attend college however, I received on the job training (like an apprentice)

Did you do an Internship? If so, where? I did what could be considered an apprenticeship. My first employer in Telecommunications, the Bell System, was known as 'Ma Bell'. The Bell System controlled ALL telephone systems in the U.S. and they trained their new hires.
What are your three greatest strengths? 1) Organizational skills 2) The ability to recognize business opportunities 3) Flexibility to work independently and with a team

What would be your words of wisdom for students in finding their own career path? Take every opportunity to work with highly talented, experienced and skilled professionals even through an unpaid experience. Although I am near the end of my career and working full time in my own technology business, I still take opportunities to learn under other professionals through trainings and workshops to increase my knowledge and marketability. Choose opportunities that present a learning and/or growth environment. In every field and especially in technology, there are constant changes and innovations being made. Exposure to the latest and greatest will increase your earning potential.

San Diego Business Journal - Vol 23, #42 Oct 21, 2002
Carol broke gender boundaries in her job by climbing them - literally. She got her start in the phone company climbing telephone poles alongside the male trainees. She succeeded in a male dominated more at South Coast Telecom.