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Work Experience at American River College


Work Experience Faculty

American River College

ARC Work Experience Faculty

(for WEXP 198, 298, 498 and ACCT 498, ART 498, ARTNM 498, BIOT 498, BUS 498, CISC 498, FASHN 498, LA 498 and MKT 498, combined courses) 

Mailboxes for ARC Work Experience Faculty are located in Business & Computer Science Office, Liberal Arts 133

Anna Domek

S. Michell Jay

Paul Sakakihara


Department Specific Work Experience Faculty 

Automotive Technology (AT 298): Nicole McCormack

Automotive Collision Technology (ACT 298): Nicole McCormack

Clean Diesel Technology (DCDT 298): Nicole McCormack

Dance (DANCE 498) : Sunny Smith

Design Technology (DESGN 298): Sergey Pyrev

Geography (GEOG 498): Hugh Howard

Gerontology (GERON 498): Mary Schleeter

Horticulture (HORT 298): Deborah Flowers

Hospitality Management (HM 498): Brian Knirk

Human Services (HSER 498): Robert Lewis

Natural Resources (NATR 498): Jennifer Neale

Theatre Arts (TA 498): Tracy Shearer