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ARC Umoja Sakhu Learning Community

 ARC Umoja Sakhu Learning Community

Village Time Fall 2018

Mondays & Wednesdays 1:00-3:00pm ~ Science 420


Without a community you cannot be yourself.  The community is where we draw the strength needed to effect changes inside of us.  Community is formed each time more than one person meets for a purpose.  Development of community depends on what the people involved consent to.  What one acknowledges in the formation of the community is the possibility of doing together what is impossible to do alone.

A true community begins in the hearts of the people involved.  It is not a place of distraction but a place of being.  It is not a place where you reform, but a place you go home to.  Finding a home is what people in community try and accomplish.  In community it is possible to restore a supportive presence for one another, rather than distrust of one another or competitiveness with one another.

Quotes by Malidoma Patrice Somè

 What is Village Time?

Village Time is a time for ARC's Umoja Sakhu Learning Community, Umoja Sakhu friends and family members and community elders to come together to be in community.  It is a time to support one another, learn from one another, enlighten one another and most importantly, love on one another.  It is also a time for Umoja Sakhu students to be engaged and to feel supported in their academic pursuits.  Some examples of Village Time activities include porchtalk, workshops, tutoring, peer mentoring and study time.  Join us in our Village space.