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Tutor Resources

  1. All tutors should wear their name badge before starting their shift. Name badges are located on the whiteboard in room 114.
  2. Tutors should fill out the "Tutee Absence Log" with the front desk staff when a tutee does not show for his/her appointment.
  3. Tutors should submit time off requests or changes to their schedule at least two weeks in advance.
  4. Submit all payroll timesheets by the due dates (see dates below).
  5. Tutors sit with their tutee at the tutoring round tables or a computer station.  The tutoring rooms are for the Beacon program.  If a student makes a request to use one of the tutoring rooms, you may use a room upon availability.  First priority for rooms is always for the Beacon program.
  6. Usually, but not always, appointments are with one tutee; however, if we have multiple requests and a limited number of tutors, small groups (up to 3 students) may be scheduled. The tutor will be notified if a small group appointment was created.
  7. Tutees should be prepared for their tutoring session.  If tutors notice students are coming unprepared, tutors should remind their students that they are expected to arrive to their sessions prepared and on time.  If this behavior continues, tutors should notify the front desk staff.
  8. Tutors should always double check to make sure tutees have checked in at the front desk before starting their sessions (unless it's a "Recurring/Weekly" appointment).
  9. Tutors are required to check their schedules online 24 hours in advance to confirm they have to report to work the following day.  
  10. Tutors are required to call the front desk if they are running late to work.  The Tutorial Center's number is 916-484-8808.
  11. Drop-in tutors need to sign in/out for their shifts at the computer located in room 114.
  12. Drop-in tutors need to take a 15 minute paid break for every 4 hours of work and a 30 minute unpaid lunch for more than 6 hours of work. Remember to sign out and in for unpaid lunch breaks only.
  13. All tutors should check the bulletin board in room 114 for announcements/messages. 
  14. Tutors should use the rolling chairs or blue chairs when working at the computers with tutees.

    Timesheet Due Dates (fall 2018)
    Project through the 24th of every month. Only project hours for the days when appointments have been booked.

    Pay Period


    August  25 -  September 24

      Sept. 18  by 4pm

    September 25 - October 24

      Oct. 18 by 4pm

    October 25 -  November 24

    Nov. 15 by 4pm

    November 25 - December 13

    Dec. 10 by 4pm