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CSU Transfer Degrees

CSU Transfer Degrees

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ARC students who earn an associate degree for transfer (ADT's)(Associate in Arts for Transfer [AA-T] or Associate in Science [AS-T]) are guaranteed junior standing and priority admission consideration over other transfer students when applying to a CSU baccalaureate (BA/BS) degree program that is deemed similar to the student's community college area of emphasis (This does not guarantee admission to selective programs or campuses).

Students should petition for transfer degrees by the designated deadline.

General Degree Requirements


Transfer Degrees Offered at American River College (as of 05/2018)

Administration of Justice (AS-T)
Anthropology (AA-T)
Art History (AA-T)
Biology (AS-T)
Business Administration (AS-T)
Communication Studies (AA-T)
Early Childhood Education (AS-T)
Economics (AA-T)
Elementary Teacher Education (AA-T)
English (AA-T)
Geography (AA-T)
Geology (AS-T)
History (AA-T)
Journalism (AA-T)
Kinesiology (AA-T)
Mathematics (AS-T)
Music (AA-T)
Nutrition & Dietetics (AS-T)
Philosophy (AA-T)
Physics (AS-T)
Political Science (AA-T)
Psychology (AA-T)
Sociology (AA-T)
Spanish (AA-T)
Studio Arts (AA-T)
Theatre Arts (AA-T)

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