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TRIO offers services to help students achieve their transfer goals and become stronger students. In addition to the services listed below, TRIO is committed to supporting students with their academic challenges and connecting them with other on or off campus resources that may assist them.

Summer Bridge Program

Summer Bridge is our four-week program designed to facilitate the transfer from high school to community college for incoming freshman students. Summer Bridge students are introduced to ARC campus resources, student support services, classes, and information on the necessary steps to begin their college career successfully.

One-on-One Counseling

We have counselors available exclusively for TRIO students. This provides students with greater access to meet with a counselor and more individual attention to discuss their academic progress and future goals.

Transfer-Ready support

Our counselors and staff support students in fulfilling the necessary academic requirements to successfully transfer to a four-year institution. In addition, our resources and curriculum requirements prepare students to be competitive applicants for any four-year institutions or scholarships they may be interested in pursuing.

Academic Support

We help monitor our students' academic progress and make sure they aren't falling behind in their classes. Staff and peer mentors are also available to assist students with homework and other assignments.

Career, Academic, Personal Assessments

For students who are unsure what subject to major in or what careers interest them, our staff is prepared to provide students with the guidance to determine their academic and career paths. Students are also directed to other resources on campus that can assist them with these subjects.  

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are an essential part of TRIO, to provide individual support and information regarding on-campus support and community resources, including but not limited to academic, financial aid, career, and transfer advising. Peer Mentors will engage and develop working relationships with students and assist in addressing the specific academic needs of each student. Peer Mentors also facilitate program requirements based on where the student is in the program curriculum.

Tutoring Services

Aside from other tutoring services on campus, we have math, English, and science tutoring available exclusively for students enrolled in the program. Tutors are available throughout the week and are scheduled by individual appointment.

College & University Tours

Every semester we schedule trips to neighboring northern California university campuses free of charge. In addition, we coordinate with other programs on campus who may be providing campus visits to reserve space for our students to attend.

Learning Communities

Through our staff, various services, resources, events, and office space, we strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment for students to grow academically and as members of the campus community. Our office space is available for students to study, use the computers, print up to 6 pages for free a day, socialize with other students, eat lunch, or just spend time between classes.

College Enrichment and Educational Workshop Opportunities

We host a variety of workshops throughout the semester through our counselors and campus partnerships to provide students with the information and skills they need to successfully graduate and transfer to a four-year institutions. Our curriculum also requires and encourages students to attend other workshops on and off campus.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Information

We want our students to be aware of all of the financial support resources available to them. Our curriculum program requirements implement lessons on how to fund your college education. Our staff directs students to campus, government, and private financial aid and scholarship resources and is available to assist them in completing the necessary applications to receive aid.

Awards Ceremony

At the end of each semester, we host an awards ceremony to acknowledge the hard work, progress, and achievements of each student in the program. There are various award categories and every student will take home an award.