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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I turn in my application?

Applications can be filled out and submitted online.

Where is the office?

Our office is in the Student Center inside the Hub near Starbucks on the ARC main campus. 

What is a first generation student?

You are a first generation student if neither of your parents has completed a 4-year degree. You still qualify as a first generation student if your siblings, aunt, uncle, or other relative other than your mother or father has obtained a 4-year degree.

I don't know if my family is low income, what income levels qualify?

The Federal government determines the income levels that qualify. We accept the California Promise Grant as verification of low income status for our program. For further information, please see below for a qualifying income chart.

Federal Low Income Level

How do I become a peer mentor?

Print and fill out the peer mentor application and turn it in to the office along with your transcript and resume. Applications will only be accepted when there is an open peer mentor position.

Can I be a TRIO student and a peer mentor at the same time?

Yes, but you must apply for each separately. Peer mentor applications will only be accepted when there is an open peer mentor position.

I am an Advanced Ed student, can I be a part of this program?

No. This program is for ARC students who are no longer in High School.