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Peer Mentors and Tutors

Vanessa Darling

My names is Vanessa Darling and I am a Peer Mentor for the Journey Program. I attended Highlands High School and started at ARC Summer of 2013 with the Journey Summer Bridge. I am majoring in International Relations and Religious Studies, I plan on transferring to UC Davis where I will also minor in Human Rights.

Fun Fact: The average number of times I sneeze is 7 in a row (there was a study). 

Another fun fact: I am a potato IRL

Steven Goodenbour

My name is Steven Goodenbour and I am a Peer Mentor for the Journey Program at American River College. I went to Rio Linds Senior High School. I started at American River College in 2012 and I am currently working towards an Associate Degree in Photography. I want to transfer to either Sacramento State or Monterey Bay State to major in Photography and Minor in Film.

Fun Fact: You can call me WC for short; also I love to Longboard where ever I can: it's my way to exercise.

Alexis Frutos 

My name is Alexis Frutos and I am a peer mentor for the Journey Program. I graduated Highlands high school then started as a Journey student in the summer of 2013. I am currently working on a social science degree and will transfer next semester to work on my bachelors in gender studies.

Fun Fact: On my down time I enjoy interpretive dancing to Kanye West.

Courtney Warner

Major: Biological Sciences

Transfer: EDC Fall 2018, CSU Sacramento or UC Davis

I enjoy cooking, preferably baking. I've made my own recipes for cookies and cheesecake. I love my dog Demon and he is way too spoiled.

Fun Fact: I enjoy volunteering to get away from the city to trap,collar, and track Mice in the Marsh.

Whitney Barnard ~ English Tutor

Major: English

My name is Whitney and I am the English tutor for the Journey program! I was homeschooled throughout high school and started at American River College when I was sixteen. Currently, I am an English major, but once I transfer I will be attending Biola University's film school.

Fun Fact:

Jonathan Jordan ~ Math Tutor

My name is Jonathan Jordan I am the math tutor for the Journey Program. I have been in the program since 2012. My major is in Mathematics and I plan on transferring to Sac State. 

Fun Fact: Enjoy watching MMA and practicing it too.