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Peer Mentors and Tutors

Journey Peer Mentors

Sachiko Mayeda 

Major: General Science 

Goals: Transfer to a University and obtain a MA to become an academic counselor for first generation students, Become certified in alternative medicine, Teach in health and safety, Earn my degree in language studies with a focus in ASL.  

Sandra Guzman

Major: Physical Sciences - Mathematics   

Goals: Collaborate with my neighbors to create an engineering program for families with children in our neighborhood.  

Wendy M. Callejas

Major: Communication Studies 

Goals: One day travel all throughout Mexico and the U.S. after receiving my Master's degree. Life goal is to become a Professor in either or both in Speech and Chicano Studies. I know I can't change the entire world, but I can possibly change somebody's world.  

Journey Tutors

Rebeca Rico-Chavez -English Tutor

Major:  English Fun Fact:  Goals:  To transfer to Santa Barbara  

Kevin Phan- Math Tutor

Major: Business    Goals: My goal is to have fun in life.