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ARC New Student Athlete Checklist

 The following steps must be completed prior to your first semester at American River College to ensure a great start towards meeting graduation, 4 year admissions, and 4 year athletic eligibility requirements.

Click here for a printable version of the New Student Athlete Checklist.

Step 1: Contact the Coach

List of Coaches
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Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid

FAFSA - Grants and Loans
Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOG) - Tuition Waiver
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Step 3: Submit an ARC Application

EServices can help you complete this step.

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Step 4: Complete Online Orientation 

Links in the ARC "Welcome" email you receive after submitting your application.

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Step 5: Complete Assessment / Placement Test

Assessment Dates Calendar

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Step 6: Attend a Group Planning Session (GPS)

***new-to-college students only Instructions come with assessment results.
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Step 7: See an Athletic Counselor for a Comprehensive Educational Plan

To schedule your appointment, call the Dusty Baker Center at (916) 484-8041 or the Counseling Center at (916) 484-8572.
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Step 8: Enroll in Classes

Search for Open Classes

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Step 9: Pay tuition fees

Payment is due upon registration. If you register before the start of the semester, your payment must be processed within 14 days of registration. After the semester has started, payment is due immediately upon registration / enrollment or you will be dropped.
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Step 10: Maintain eligibility

ARC's eligibility rules


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