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Are you an instructor at ARC who wants to offer R.A.D. services to your students?

What former students have to say about R.A.D.:

"It was a wonderful learning experience. My instructor was very helpful and easy to approach, and the material studied was applicable to my Bio class."




"When I read I'm able to pick out examples, questions, and key words--something I did not know before."

Can your students:

  • Analyze lectures, readings and handouts to determine what questions are likely to be on tests?
  • Synthesize material from lectures and reading assignments to create an effective set of notes?
  • Assess their reading process and material to employ appropriate strategies to meet their purpose for reading?
  • Adjust their reading rate and style based on their reading purpose?
  • Create summaries, outlines, and visual aids to help them remember what they have read or heard during lecture?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, R.A.D. can help your students apply improved reading techniques and study strategies to your class. We will meet with you to create a curriculum that specifically addresses the demands you place on your students.

R.A.D. is always interested in extending our services to new classes and areas.

When we do this, we want to meet the instructor and discuss the class. What are the demands you place on your students? What and how much do they read? How are they held responsible for their reading? How do you test? What types of reading guidance do you provide them: outlines, study guides, vocabulary lists? What difficulties do your students have: comprehending the text, mastering jargon, paraphrasing important ideas, applying concepts?

 Based on this discussion, R.A.D. will create a course of study incorporating reading strategies and study skills that will help your students meet the demands of your class.

We usually like to meet with you again before piloting the module to go over the module with you and set up an in-class presentation during which a R.A.D. representative will come to your class and explain the program to your students.

Your students will be required to enroll in R.A.D. for a  ½ unit and set up an attendance time with a R.A.D. instructor. R.A.D. is a 9 meeting class that meets for 50 minutes each time.

Research on our program shows that R.A.D. students demonstrate an improved success rate in the accompanying curriculum class a compared to students who don't take R.A.D. If you would like to add your students to the long list of R.A.D. success stories call 484-8058 to set up an appointment with Leah Arambel, the R.A.D. Coordinator, or email