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Reading Across the Disciplines

What former students have said about R.A.D.:

[R.A.D.] has helped me in all my classes. I am better able to tackle all my classes and course work.


Leah Arambel

Office Location:

Learning Resource Center


Fall 2018

Monday - Thursday






(916) 484-8053

R.A.D. works with students in small group sessions to help them improve their classroom performance. R.A.D. focuses on application of inferential and critical reading strategies and study skills to specific content classes (such as Anthropology 310 or Psychology 300) and programs (such as Nursing and Paramedics). The strategies and skills covered include (but aren't limited to):

  • Preparing for Tests
  • Annotating Textbooks
  • Developing Outlines
  • Paraphrasing
  • Understanding Jargon
  • Reading Graphics

Research on our program shows that R.A.D. students have an 84% success rate in the accompanying curriculum class as opposed to the 60% success rate achieved by non-R.A.D. students.