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Know Your Rights - Due Process

I was referred to the Office of Student Conduct:

What happens next?

  1. You are required to meet with the Associate Vice President of Student Services, Disciplinary Officer in the Office of Student Conduct. This referral means that the student alleged behavior is believed to have been a violation of our District Standards of Student Conduct.
  2. The student will receive a certified letter notifying the student of their referral via US standard mail. In the notification, you are instructed to make an appointment for an investigative meeting with the Disciplinary Officer.
  3. At this informal meeting, the Disciplinary Officer shall interview the student for the purpose of discussing the alleged misconduct and the disciplinary action, if any, which should be taken.
  4. At this meeting the parties shall have the right to present statements, testimony, evidence, and witnesses, except that neither party shall have the right to be represented by an attorney.
  5. This is a mandatory meeting. If the student fails to make an appointment and/or does not attend the meeting, the Disciplinary Officer may review the case and initiate disciplinary action without input from the student.
  6. After the investigative meeting, the Disciplinary Officer may initiate disciplinary action by filing a notice with the Vice President of Student Services and serving such notice on the student charged. This decision depends entirely on the information obtained during the investigation.
  7. The student has the right to request an appeal to the disciplinary action with the Vice President of Student Services. Not later than seven (7) days after the service of the notice of disciplinary action. A copy of the appeal form will be mailed to you along with your notice of disciplinary action.
  8. After an Appeal Hearing, a written decision will be mailed to the student from the Office of the President within ten (10) days of the conclusion of the hearing.
  9. At this point, the final decision for disciplinary action rests with the ARC College President. The President may approve, reject, or modify the written decision. The decision of the College President for disciplinary action is final.

Los Rios District Regulations - 2000 Student Series