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How can I help a friend, family member, or colleague quit smoking?

If someone you are close to expresses a desire to quit smoking, they have just made a very important decision that will dramatically improve their health and wellness. Understand that smoking is one of the most difficult habits to break. Relapse is very common. However, with your help, your friend, colleague, or family member can ultimately quit successfully.

How should I  begin?
First, it is important to understand that every person is different and therefore their path to success will likely be different. So, it is probably best to begin by asking them, "How can I be most helpful to you?" This will prevent the person from becoming defensive and will help them understand that you care and are willing to help. It may be a good idea to encourage a specific quit date.

Also, it helps to be familiar with their habits, personality, etc. when helping them quit. So, if this is the case, you're ahead of the game!

What  are  some  important  things  to keep in mind?
Quitting is more than just an exercise in willpower. In fact, the most difficult period is the first 7-10 days after quitting. So, patience is the key. Here are some helpful suggestions:

What  if they  relapse?

We have great quitting resources for you here!