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Code of Conduct for Education Loans

American River College is prohibited from engaging in any business arrangement that is a conflict of interest between the college and private lenders in accordance with the Truth in Lending Act (15 U.S.C 1638(e).  Borrowers are encouraged to first explore Federal Direct Stafford Loans prior to pursuing a private, alternative loan as federal student loans typically have more favorable loan options than the provisions within private education loans. 

American River College does not:


American River College has staff available to discuss loan options if students are seeking to decide between a Federal Direct Stafford Loan or a private, alternative loan.  Contact the Financial Aid Office at 916-484-8437 and request an appointment with the financial aid loan officer to discuss loan options. 

American River College does not maintain a preferred lender list.  Students who elect to pursue a private, alternative loan are encouraged to research the private lender that offers the best conditions for the borrower.