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The inclusion of any rental, apartment, or agency in the Housing Binders does not represent an endorsement of services or facilities by American River College or the Center for Leadership and Development, nor does it guarantee vacancies. Please be aware that American River College does not inspect any housing facilities. We do not assume responsibility for the condition of these housing facilities, or for the character of any applicant, landlord, or tenant.

housing binder

Housing Binders
American River College is a non-residential college campus. To assist students in finding housing, Center for Leadership and Development staff have compiled two binders with local apartment buildings and contact information. Sometimes, these apartment complexes may offer special "move-in discounts" or ARC student discounts. When contacting these potential apartment managers, be sure to mention that you are an ARC student and inquire about possible discounts.

Roommate Information
The Center for Leadership & Development provides a Housing Binder for students looking for roommates. If you are looking for a roommate and would like to post an announcement, please stop by the Center for Leadership & Development to have your information included.

Housing Resources
Link To Transgender Housing Network: a housing network intended to connect trans people in need with safe and supportive places to crash. People who have or are in need of a couch, floor, or spare room may submit a post. The network will attempt to connect them with someone in the area., Sacramento,

Top Seven Rental/Leasing Tips
1. Start your apartment search early
2. Call and/or schedule an appointment to see the rental facility
3. Review leasing/rental paperwork carefully
4. Ask about additional cost associated with the lease (cable, internet, landscaping,etc.)
5. Obtain and save receipts for rent payment
6. Obtain and save receipts for deposit payment
7. Think about what neighborhood you would like to live in and research the resources nearby (grocery stores, access to public transportation, etc.)


Apartment Complex

Housing Information Google Doc: Click on the link below for information on emergency shelters and affordable/low-income housing: