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Frequently Asked Center for Leadership and Development Questions

1. How can I do online orientation?
Students can do online orientation on the Center for Leadership and Development (CL&D) computers or any other computer with internet access; we have student orientations instructions at the front desk. SAGES can give the instructions to the student and provide additional support throughout the orientation.

2. What clubs are there at ARC?
You can obtain a active club list from the front desk.

3. Where can I find housing information?
There are two binders at the CL&D (near the Access Card machines), one for housing and roommates and the second one for apartments and roommates.

4. How can I get a bike locker?
The Bike Rental Agreement form is located at the front desk. Students need to complete the top portion and SAGES fill out the grayed out part of the form. Once the form is complete, students are send to the Business Services to issue payment.

5. How can I handout my materials on campus?
Talk to event coordinator if event/program is ARC related. Vendors must provide their own table and chairs. No selling out of walkways.

6. How many posters may I get approved for on campus posting?
Departments/Clubs can get 12 posters approved for each event/ program/ announcement.

7. Where can I post posters?
Approved posters can be displayed in the breezeways of Liberal Arts and Chemistry Department. Unapproved Posters can go on the boards outside of the Administration Building or on the board of Davies Hall

8. Where can I go to register for classes?
Students can go to E-services registration lab to receive assistance with registering for classes. They can also use the CL&D computers to independently enroll in classes. No enrollment paperwork should be turned in to the CL&D.

9. How much are the fees for replacing a student ID card and UTP sticker?
For any lost/stolen student ID card/UTP sticker, students have to pay $5.00 for a new card and $31.50 for the UTP sticker. For more information please click here.