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CAEB Officers

Through the Club and Events Board, the Associated Student Body promotes the intellectual, artistic, cultural, and social life of students at the College through authorized club activities and promotes the intellectual, artistic, cultural, and social life of students by programming college-wide events and bringing artists and speakers to the college.

President: Vacant

The President is responsible for calling and conducting all Clubs and Events Board meetings, and does so under the guidelines of Roberts Rules of Order. The President is the official representative of ARC students to the college administration, the Los Rios Community College District, government, and the community.

Vice President: Vacant

The Vice President (VP) serves as the President in the event of the President's absence.

Commissioner of Finance: Vacant

The Director of Finance supervises the collection and disbursement of all Clubs and Events Board monies. The Director of Finance prepares the annual budget, makes recommendations CAEB on expenditures, and is a member of the Joint Budget Committee.

Director of Communication: Vacant

The Director of Communication takes minutes and maintains official copies of CAEB records.

Director of Media Relations: Vacant

The Director of Media Relations will be responsible for advertising and/or processing digital signage request forms with the Center for Leadership and Development.

Director of Activities: Vacant

The Director of Activities chairs the Activities Committee, which plans and oversees many of the CAEB events that take place on campus (i.e. Club Day, Beaver Week, End of the Year Event).

Whip: Vacant

The Whip coordinates the club representatives to work in a cooperative, cohesive manner.