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Common Questions

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Do I have to take the ESL Assessment Test to register for ESL Center courses? Yes.  We strongly advise it.
What is the best way to register for courses in the ESL Center? If you are unsure about registering, come in and see us!  We are happy to help you. We are located in the Learning Resource Center.
What kinds of things can I study and learn? We have many opportunities for you to practice reading, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar and help with writing organization.  We even have a computer lab for you to use to practice your English skills.  You can choose what you want to study to help your English skills.
Do I have to be enrolled in other ESL classes in order to enroll in the ESL Center courses? No.
I'm taking "regular" English classes in the English Department (not in the ESL department).  Can I still get help at the ESL Center? Yes, as long as you take the ESL Assessment Test (the assessment test for students whose first language is not English).
How much homework will I have? None.  All of your work is done in the ESL Center.
Can I use a computer? Yes, but only for the exercises and work for your ESL Center classes.  We have many language programs and software that we use to help you with your English skills.
Can I get help with being more comfortable speaking and understanding Americans? Yes.  We have exercises and practice to help you with speaking and listening skills, learning about culture and American idioms and phrases. 

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