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English as a Second Language Center

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Krista Hess

Office Location:

Learning Resource Center


Fall & Spring Hours

  • Monday thru Thursday
    8:00am to 7:15pm
  • Friday
    8:00am to 12:35pm



(916) 484-8919

The ESL (English as a Second Language) Center is designed for ESL students who would like to improve their English skills.

  • Attendance times and days are flexible (you can attend and work in the ESL Center when you have time and while it is open). Enrollment in another ESL course at the same time is not required. 
  • You must have successfully completed the ESL 20 series or be placed at the 30 level or higher (see your assessment scores). 
  • Students may register for as little as .5 units per semester.  (Summer sessions are also offered during the day, Monday-Thursday.)
  • Available courses in the ESL Center are ESL 34 , ESL 44, ESL 54 and ESL 94.  See "How to register" for more information.
  • At all levels, students can choose from reading, vocabulary improvement, grammar help, speaking and listening practice, cultural information...  there are many things to choose from!
  • You will be able to work independently on a variety of skill areas that you choose and get help from our instructors and tutors.   Study materials are available for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.  The ESL Center also offers computer-based modules, small group conversation practice, and multi-media courses if you want to practice all of your English language skills together.

Please call the ESL Center at (916) 484-8919 for more information.

For help with enrolling, please visit us in the Learning Resource Center!