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Upcoming Events

Below is a Fall 2018 summary of events that the ARC EOP&S/CARE/NextUp Program is putting together or a part of other organizations during the Fall 2018. If you have an idea of an event that would benefit EOP&S students at American River College or elsewhere, please contact us by calling (916)484-8128. This information is also updated monthly, so visit often.

Fall 2018 EOP&S Related/campus events



Do Not miss EOP&S counseling appointments . This will affect your eligibility to continue receiving the EOP&S/CARE/NextUp services.

EOP&S/CARE/NextUp 2nd Contact (By appointment) for all students starts October 8th through November 30th 2018.

If Math and Science classes challenging you? Come to the SSRC Tutoring Center to get the help you need. Unlimited Drop-In Tutoring Hours!

***CARE Students, Remember to complete two workshops approved by CARE staff by November 30th, 2018.

EOP&S/CARE/NextUp Spring 2019 Application is now available!




  • Last Day to use EOP&S/CARE/NextUp Book voucher or remaining Book Service balance is November 9th, 2018
  • Academic Progress Report (APR) due date is November 30th (if required)
  • EOP&S/CARE "0" Priority Registration for Spring 2019: Monday, November 19th - 20th, 2018. Please pay ATTENTION to the following:
      1. Check online to fill out supplemental form, and for your enrollment appointment date and time.
      2. If your registration appointment is not on the above dates, please contact the EOP&S office immediately for assistance to change your enrollment date.
  • Enroll Math Success Project (MSP) for the Spring 2019: for Math 32, 100 and 120 courses. Pick-up a MSP schedule  and enroll to "GET FREE TUTORING." Click this link to pick MSP class for Spring 2019. Link will be available mid of October
  • Use Student Services Resource Center (SSRC) for your tutoring needs to pass your math and science courses

December 2018

  • Need help for Finals "Get tutoring through SSRC"
  • HURRY - HURRY! Apply for DROP-IN Math and Science tutoring. Unlimited hours - No appointments needed.
  • Register now to participate in the MSP (Math Success Project) for Spring 2019; ask EOPS/CalWORKS/DSPS counselor and staff to help you register

January 2019

  • Spring 2019 services will be announced soon
  • Register now to participate in the MSP (Math Success Project) for Spring 2019; ask your EOP&S counselor/staff to help you register

February 2019

  • Spring 2019 services will be available soon
  • Make your class selection now and put it in your shopping cart to participate in the MSP (Math Success Project) for Spring 2019; ask EOPS/CARE/NextUp counselor and staff to help you with the process