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Student Responsibilities

Students at ARC who are selected and offered admission into EOP&S must meet the following program requirements (as stated in their Mutual Responsibility Contract) every semester:

My test image THREE (3) APPOINTMENTS WITH AN EOP&S COUNSELOR every Fall and Spring semester to update/revise educational plan.
My test image COMPLETE AND SUBMIT AN ACADEMIC PROGRESS REPORT (APR) from each instructor showing your academic progress.
My test image COMPLETE A MINIMUM OF 9 UNITS EACH SEMESTER (grades of W, I, IP, or F do not count as complete).
My test image EOP&S students admitted into CARE must also attend 2 workshops.
My test image If these requirements are not met by the student, he/she will be dropped from EOP&S. If a student is dropped, they may have an option to petition for medical reasons depending on their circumstance.

EOP&S students are strongly encouraged to communicate with EOP&S staff and make an appointment, if they are facing any concerns or challenges during the semester.

The goal of the EOP&S program is to provide initial support to students at ARC, so that they achieve their educational goals.