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Program Services

The EOP&S/CARE/NextUp program services are designed to encourage and promote educational success in college. Most community college students have busy lives and many demands. EOP&S/CARE/NextUp is designed to help students persevere and continue their education-- we want to see more college students finish their educational goals. The following services are offered to active EOP&S students (contingent upon funding*):

COUNSELING academic, career and personal concerns as they relate to educational goals

 EMANCIPATED FOSTER YOUTH: additional services to former foster youth; please call (916)484-8128 or visit the EOP&S office

PRIORITY "0" ENROLLMENT to register in classes a week before regular registration

TEXTBOOK ASSISTANCE to purchase books for your major/area of study on your ed. plan

SEMESTER NEWSLETTER to keep participants informed

EARLY ALERT for support and retain students in college

TUTORING SERVICES in Science courses, math, and the Math Success Project for Fall and Spring semesters through the Student Services Resource Center (SSRC)

TRANSFER SERVICES fee waivers for CSU, UC, Private college applications, field trips to campuses, and application workshops

LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION for employment and/or scholarships

AWARDS CEREMONY congratulating students who have completed educational goals/degrees

BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENTS to keep you informed of services

GRADUATION CAP & GOWN fees are paid by the program*

 EOP&S Student Workshops offered monthly.  Learn about study skills, money management, career exploration and more by attending these presentations.  If you have ideas for a workshop, please let us know. Ask EOP&S/CARE counselor/staff for more information about the life skills workshops.

MEMBERSHIP FEE paid for honors society* (PTK Society)

            *Services are contingent upon available funding.


Retention is an important factor for college students with academic potential who, historically, would have not attended college. The purpose of these programs is to provide opportunities that are "above, beyond, and in addition" to similar services offered at higher education institutions.

Grad Hat-image test


In summary, the purpose of EOP&S/CARE/NextUp is:

  1. To encourage the enrollment, retention, and completion/transfer of students who are educationally disadvantaged by language, social, and economic status.
  2. To facilitate the initial successful completion of goals and objectives in college.
  3. To provide services which are above, beyond, and in addition to those provided to the general college population.


**Students participating in the EOP&S/CARE/NextUp program at ARC must meet program requirements in order to remain eligible for all services provided. Visit our website often and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.**