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Upcoming Events

Below is a Fall 2017 summary of events that the ARC EOP&S Program is putting together or a part of other organizations during the Fall 2017. If you have an idea of an event that would benefit EOP&S students at American River College or elsewhere, please contact us by calling (916)484-8128. This information is also updated monthly, so visit often.

Fall 2017 EOP&S Related/campus events

August 2017

  • EOP&S/CARE 1st contact for all students: By appointment ONLY starts August 7th through September 15th, at 5:00pm.
  • CARE: Workshops information is available at the EOP&S/CARE office
  • Student Services Resource Center (SSRC) provides Math and Science tutoring for students in the categorical programs: EOP&S/CARE, CalWORKs/ DSP&S/ Veterans, and Former Foster Youth 

September 2017

  • EOP&S/CARE 2nd Contact (By appointment) for all students starts September 18th through November 3rd 2017.
  • Academic Progress Report (APR) due date is November 3rd (If required)
  • Pick-up the Fall 2017 Drop-In tutoring schedule or for the Student Services Resource Center (SSRC) hours of operation. Do NOT wait, come for tutoring and our highly qualified tutors will answer your questions!!
  • Ask EOPS/CalWORKs/DSPS/Veterans counselors and staff to help you with the process.
  • If you are taking Math 25, 32, or 100 Math Success Project is your choice to succeed in Math. Ask your EOP&S counselor today.

          MSP is your way to succeed in Math!



Do Not miss EOP&S counseling appointments . This will affect your eligibility to continue receiving the EOP&S/CARE services.

Are your Math and Science classes challenging you? Come to the SSRC Tutoring Center to get the help you need. Unlimited Drop-In Tutoring Hours!

***CARE Students, Remember to complete two workshops approved CARE staff.

All CARE workshops are due on Thursday November 30th, 2017.




  • Last Day to use EOP&S/CARE Book voucher or remaining Book Service balance is November 3rd, 2017
  • EOP&S/CARE "0" Priority Registration for Spring 2018: Monday, November 20th - 21st, 2017. Please pay ATTENTION to the following:
      1. Check online to fill out supplemental form, and for your enrollment appointment date and time.
      2. If your registration appointment is not on the above dates, please contact the EOP&S office immediately for assistance to change your enrollment date.
  • Enroll Math Success Project (MSP) for the Spring 2018: for Math 25, 32, and 100 courses. Pick-up a MSP schedule  and enroll to "GET FREE TUTORING." Click this link to pick MSP class for Spring 2018
  • Use Student Services Resource Center (SSRC) for your tutoring needs to pass your math and science courses
  • EOP&S/CARE Spring 2018 Application is now available

December 2017

  • Fall tutoring Services: will be available through the Student Services Resource Center.
  • HURRY - HURRY! Apply for DROP-IN Math and Science tutoring. Unlimited hours - No appointments needed.
  • Register now to participate in the MSP (Math Success Project) for Spring 2018; ask EOPS/CalWORKS/DSPS counselor and staff to help you register

January 2018

  • Spring 2018  servicess will be announced soon
  • Register now to participate in the MSP (Math Success Project) for spring 2018; ask EOPS counselor and staff to help you register

February 2018

  • Spring 2017 Services will be available soon
  • Make your class selection now and put it in your shopping cart to participate in the MSP (Math Success Project) for spring 2018; ask EOPS/CARE counselor and staff to help you with the process