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Current EOP&S Student

Bog Fee Waiver ChangeThe EOP&S program's mission is to encourage you to remain in college, provide services for you to successfully complete your classes every semester, and to push you closer to graduating and/or completing your degree goals. As you are aware, the EOP&S staff is committed to providing "above and beyond" services to see you succeed; we only ask that you show determination and discipline. You must remain responsible and become an advocate for your goals.

***Remember to schedule your three appointments!

Fall 2017: The EOP&S Program student success and life skill workshops schedule are now available at the EOP&S/CARE counter.

Workshop dates and sign-up sheets are available at the EOP&S counter.

Here is a summary of websites/forms for ARC college students:


Enroll in classes early-EOP&S students are offered priority enrollment every semester. Follow your educational plan.

Los Rios Gmail

Free email account-make certain that your account is active and current. EOP&S will often send you emails with this account.

Support Services

EOP&S is only one of many valuable resources for you. Take a look at the other services to determine what else may help you.

Academic Calendar

View this page to determine future dates that correspond with the semester: breaks, final exam week, end of semester, etc.

ARC Campus Map

Need to know where things are on campus? Print the campus map.


The following is a list of EOP&S reminders that will help you remain eligible for services:

EOP&S Important Dates

Click the link on the left to view EOP&S important dates for Fall 2017  semester which reflects all the EOP&S requirements and the deadlines.

Academic Progress Report

Download the (APR) form that you can use to have a conversation with your instructors and determine what your current grades are. All of your instructors must sign. Fall 2017 APR deadline is November 3rd, 2017

CARE workshops

CARE students: CARE sponsored workshops for Fall 2017 list is available at the EOP&S/CARE counter. You must attend two workshops--you must sign-up in person... space is limited for each workshop. For more information call the EOP&S/CARE office at (916) 484-8128

Student Services Resource Center (SSRC)


Math Success Project (MSP): is a unique service that provides tutoring for the students in the MSP selected class. MSP has been a tremendous help for students who are having difficulties in basic math. Spring 2018 MSP schedule

Drop-In Tutoring: is available for students who need flexible tutoring time and do not need to commit a specific time to attend. Drop-In is available for the following courses: Math, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

One-On-One Tutoring: is designed for student who have difficulty understanding the course material in a group setting. It is encouraged for students to apply the first week of the semester, as it is first come first serve and based on tutor availability. Students with special needs will get a priority to receive tutoring hours approved by a counselor.

For more information, please click the links below

Mission, Vision and Code of Conduct

Hours of operation

Yes... EOP&S does create a Newsletter every Semester. We include news and stories. Check it out!

Summer 2015

Spring 2016

Spring 2017

Get connect with the program and check what is new.

Program services for students, and events to come.

Fall 2016

Fall 2015

Fall 2014

Information about your academics and messages of hope.

Informative, motivational, fun to read, and play the word search 

Any changes in life?  Did you not complete the EOP&S requirements?  Use these forms (print documents and fill them out) to keep your information current with EOP&S:

Name Change

This will help assure that the EOP&S program keep your files current. Form must be turned in in-person to our office.

Change of Address

EOP&S will mail you information about program updates or additional services. Make sure your address remain current. Form must be turned in in-person to our office.

 Petition for Spring 2018

Complete this EOP&S Petition form if, for some reason, you could not complete your EOP&S MRC requirements (three contacts, APR form, completing 9 units etc.) so that you can obtain services the following semester. Petition form for the Spring 2018 is now available. Talk to your EOP&S/CARE counselor to complete the petition form.