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Welcome to Learning Disabilities

Welcome to the Learning Disabilities Program office. Our commitment is to provide every student with learning disabilities access to all academic programs and college resources by providing assessment, accommodations and services. Learning strategies and support are available to students individually, in groups, and in classrooms. In addition, the LD staff works with faculty to provide assistive technology for students.

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8am to 4pm



A learning disability is a neurological condition that interferes with an individual's ability to store, process, or produce information.  Learning disabilities can affect one's ability to read, write, speak, spell, compute math, reason and also affect an individual's attention, memory, coordination, social skills and emotional maturity.   (Title 5:  California Community Colleges)



If you meet the California Community College Learning Disabilities Criteria, you will be eligible to receive academic accommodations.

Students with Prior Testing:

Students without Prior Testing:



A learning disability is defined as a persistent condition of presumed neurological dysfunction, which may exist with other disabling conditions. This dysfunction continues despite instruction in standard classroom situations. Adults with learning disabilities, a heterogeneous group, are characterized as having:

Students with learning disabilities mostly have average or above average intelligence, but they face problems with 'information processing'. Academic adjustments such as the way a course section is conducted, use of auxiliary equipment (such as taped textbooks, computers, and lecture notes), extra time to take tests and recording of lectures would be some of the ways in which instructors can help students with learning disabilities.


California Community College Eligibility Model

The major focus of the initial efforts to develop a statewide community college eligibility model was the development of an operational definition of learning disabilities that could be used in the California Community Colleges.  For the current model, the Learning Disabilities definition was operationalized in six eligibility components, including an Intake Screening Component, four assessment-based components, and an eligibility component.   


Contact LD

To contact our Learning Disabilities office, please call:

Kathleen Cronin, LD Coordinator: 916-484-8756 or email at

Anita Kuharski, LD Student Personnel Assistant: 916-484-8938 or email at

To send through Fax, please contact: 916-484-8888



We are located in the DSP&S building in the North Entrance of the Welcome and Support Center.  

FROM PARKING LOT A/B: Go west, pass the Student Center and Library.  DSP&S is located north of the Welcome and Support Center.

FROM PARKING LOT C/D: Go south, pass the Arts/Science bldg or Fine & Applied Arts Offices. DSP&S is located north of the Welcome and Support Center.