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Office Location:


Closest parking is in Lot B
$2.00 parking

Exam Hours:

Monday, Thursday and Friday
8:30 am to 4 pm

Tuesday and Wednesday
8 am to 6 pm

Summer Hours May Vary

Where Do I Start?

Please follow directions below, and view: "How to Use DSP&S Testing Services" video on youtube.

Step 1:  See a DSP&S Counselor at the beginning of the semester.  Accommodations must be authorized by a DSP&S Counselor each semester because you have different classes each semester.

Step 2:  You will need to bring a letter of accommodation to your instructor.  The letter identifies you as a disabled student, but does not specify your disability, and it provides the instructor a list of accommodations you have been authorized to use.   A pink Instructor Authorization Form will be attached to the letter.

Step 3:  You will need to provide both documents to your instructor to review.  The instructor must acknowledge and authorize the information.  Instructors are under no obligation to use DSP&S Testing Services and are welcome to proctor their students, however once authorized, the student is legally entitled to receive the accommodations either by the instructor or the DSP&S department.  Once the Instructor Authorization form has been signed, the student should return it to the front counter in DSP&S to file in their records.


Resources for Instructors:

Please see the Forms link on the left to access the Instructor Authorization Form & Exam Cover Sheet.

Instructor Guidelines
Your DSP&S student will first present you with a letter of accommodation and an Instructor Authorization (pink) form for you to acknowledge and sign.  If the student is taking an exam at the DSP&S Center, the in-class time is critical to calculate the student's allowable time for the exam.  Always initial (rather than a check mark) accommodations. All exams must include each student's name.  It is important that you list a contact number on the Exam Cover Sheet if we should call you regarding a question on their exam, or other allowances not authorized.  The front counter is student employed, who need the Exam Cover Sheet to follow your Exam Instructions!

DSPS Exam Envelopes

We provide envelopes for Instructors or students who are delivering exams.  It is very important that you complete the information on the envelope to assure proper delivery.  All tests sent with students must be sealed.


Email to with an exam cover sheet for instructions of exam allowances and returning of the exam.  A Proctor is always at this email address during office hours to print and file your exams.  Do not send to DSP&S email or DSP&S-ALL email.  Should you do that, the email will be delivered to all DSP&S employees of the Los Rios Community College District.  Also, email exams 24 hours prior to the date of the exam.  Important: type all test instructions on the first paragraph of the first page for your student to read.

Click here to view the DSPS Student Guidelines handout: 

Proffessor and StudentsIf you sense that a student may benefit from DSP&S, please send them to the DSP&S check-in counter to schedule an appointment with a DSP&S counselor. Together, we will ensure the American River College student's success in their education, their work, lives, and their ability to engage in an increasingly complex world.

Contact information

Phone:  916-484-8944
FAX: 916-484-8888