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Disability Services & Programs for Students Documents and Forms


Documents and Forms

The following documents and forms may be used by students and DSPS to effectively provide services to students with disabilities. 


Forms for students New to DSP&S at American River College:

New Student Checklist (PDF/Word)

Application for DSPS Services (PDF)


Accommodation Forms and Information:

Alternate Media Request (PDF)

Alternate Media Checklist for Students (PDF)

Alternate Media Policies and Procedure form (PDF)

General Accommodation Information (PDF/Word)


Testing Services Forms:

Instructor Authorization Form (PDF/Word)

Exam Cover Sheet (PDF)

Testing Services Student Responsibilities(PDF/Word)


Other Forms:

Disability Documentation Form (PDF/Word)

Refer a Student to DSPS/LD (PDF)

Request for Student DSPS/LD Records (PDF)

Letters of Accommodation Request Form (PDF)




DSPS Program Information (PDF)

DSPS Testing Services (PDF)

DSPS Testing - How to be an Effective Test Taker (PDF)

Learning Disabilities Program (PDF)

Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injury Support - T.A.B.I.S. (PDF)


Request to Cancel Interpreter Services Form