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Assistive Technology Lab

Assistive Technology utilizes alternative software and hardware to meet the needs of students with various disabilities. The computer programs and equipment help students with class work, improve their learning skills, and prepare for tests. The ATC Lab is intended for academic use and has open lab hours as well as time set aside for training and workshops. 

Lab Hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8am - 5pm
                  Tuesday 8am - 7pm

The following tools are available in the Assistive Technology Lab:


Kurzweil 3000 -

Kurzweil Firefly -

K-NFB Blio E-Text reader

CCTV - closed circuit monitor for enlarging text and other colored pictures.



Inspiration - visual tool to help organize thought process for developing ideas.

Windows Speech Recognition - voice recognition program used for dictation text.


Joy stick - alternate choice for mouse operation.

Keyboard guard - to control keyboarding using a plastic guard.

Adjustable tables - for raising and lowering computers.

Chairs - adjustable and ergonomic.

Bat keyboard - one hand keyboard.

For students to participate in the computer lab, counselors are encouraged to communicate via email or person to person contact with Rico Wood to discuss the student's disabilities and needs.

Some of the computer programs may be used on a first-come first-served basis and others need to be reserved by appointments. Also to print anything from the internet or any other program, students are required to have money on their student ID or money on their Go-Print card.

If you have any questions please contact our ATC Lab staff at 484-8382 or by email at You are always welcome to tour the Assistive Technology Center and ask questions.