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MATH and STAT Prerequisite Information

What is a prerequisite?

It is the intent of American River College to guide students into courses in which they will have the greatest chance for academic success. Therefore, you will find courses that have prerequisites, corequisites or advisories in their description. Prerequisites are courses that students are required to pass prior to enrollment in a particular course. You can see what the prerequisites are for a course when viewing that course in your eServices account, or by checking the ARC College Catalog.


Math Prerequisite Information

Otherwise, here are your options:

1. If you have completed a course equivalent to the prerequisite at another college and can provide a transcript:

Please contact the ARC Admissions and Records Services office at 484-8261 or click for more Admissions and Records information and links to the Prerequisite Equivalency Form and the LRCCD External Equivalency List. If your equivalent course is not listed, you may submit the Prerequisite Equivalency Form directly to the ARC Math Department.

2. If you have completed an equivalent prerequisite course at another college, but cannot provide a transcript:

You might be able to place into the appropriate math course by taking ARC's self-placement tool. You can get more information at 484-8423, or click for more Assessment Center information.

3. If you are currently enrolled in an equivalent course to the prerequisite at another college:

You can wait until you complete your course and your grade has been posted, and then submit a transcript to the Enrollment Services office.

For all other courses: