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Current & Returning Students

There are specific enrollment procedures for students who currently attend ARC and those returning to ARC after an absence.

Continuing at ARC (Enrolling in Consecutive Terms)

If you are currently enrolled at ARC, you are a continuing student. You must complete the Supplemental Enrollment Form prior to enrolling for the next term. Log in to your eServices account to access the link to your Supplemental Enrollment Form. You must also clear any holds on your account before you are able to access the online registration system.

Returning to ARC After an Absence of One or More Semesters

You are a returning student to ARC if you have previously enrolled in classes but have not attended in one or more semesters. You must update your admissions application before you can access the online enrollment system. If you wish to meet with a counselor, contact the Counseling Center at  916-484-8572  to schedule an appointment or to find out about the availability of drop-in counseling.

Advanced Education for High School Students

If you are still in high school and would like to get take a class at ARC, please click here to find out the criteria to qualify as an "Advanced Education Student."