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Career Counseling


All of the counselors at American River College can:

Typically, counseling appointments are 30 minutes long. 

Hour long appointments are available in the Career Center (916-484-8492) and occasionally at the discretion of counselors in General Counseling (916-484-8572).

The Career Center has a career counselor available to currently enrolled students and has selected availability for one hour appointments. You can call 484-8492 or go to Career Center for more information on career counseling services. 

We also offer two courses related to career that may be of interest to you:

Human Career Development 330, "Life and Career Planning" is a 1 unit course that is transferable to California State Universities. This course is a comprehensive approach to life and career planning based on extensive measurement of aptitude, interests, personality type, values, and skills. Personal and career goals are formulated using career research and decision-making strategies. Course topics include changing career trends and job search techniques.

Human Career Development 331, "Career and Job Search Strategies" which is a 1 unit course that is transferable to a CSU. This course is designed to assist in the development of research skills in preparation for future employment in a competitive employment market. Topics include researching career fields, setting specific career/educational goals and examining employment trends. It also includes resume writing, interviewing skills and job search strategies.