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Distance Counseling

ARC now offers distance counseling appointments. You can enjoy the convenience of web-based counseling from your home, office, or actually anywhere that you have an internet connection and a webcam.

Distance Counseling is ideal for students who are not on campus regularly or are distance education students or who cannot conveniently get to campus for in-person counseling appointments.

Distance Counseling is NOT ideal for students who:


If you are a fit for this criteria and are interested in participating, follow these steps:

  1. Install Google Plus on your computer and set up a Gmail account. To set this up, just go to (recommend Google Chrome), select Gmail and/or +You.  
  2. After you have set up your +You Google account, follow the instructions below to set up your counseling appointment.
  3. As soon as you have made your appointment, send an e-mail to from your personal Gmail account.
  4. Before your appointment, make sure to check your settings to make sure your webcam and microphone are working properly.
  5. A couple of minutes before your appointment time, log into your Gmail and wait to be "invited to hangout".

How to make a Distance Counseling Appointment:

Click on the link below to schedule your appointment. By clicking the link below, you are agreeing that you meet the criteria outlined above and that you will send your official transcripts (sealed envelope) from all other colleges and universities you have attended at least 2-3 weeks prior to scheduling an appointment. Send to: American River College, Admissions and Records, 4700 College Oak Drive, Sacramento, CA 95841. If you may unable to do this, you can email unofficial transcripts to the counselor prior to the appointment, but the Counseling Center does not keep unofficial transcripts on file. Unofficial copies are only used for the purposes of the appointment for that time only and will not be available for future appointments.

Make your appointment by clicking here: Make a Distance Counseling Appointment

Remember to return to the steps above and finish steps #3-5 after making your appointment!

If you do not have access to/familiarity with a webcam and microphone, but meet other criteria listed above, please contact the counseling department at (916) 484-8572 to discuss making a telephone counseling appointment.

Please note that participating in Google Hangout counseling discussions is a service of convenience offered to students, but in no way guarantees confidentiality beyond what the normal parameters the Google Hangout service offers. Please see Google Hangout disclaimers for more info.